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Leon's Projects

I constantly work on new projects and I always try to expand my knowledge of design concepts. I also try to learn more things as I go.

LeonK laptop

STL Web Development

A company I own called STL Website Development. It is a consultant company for online marketing.

STL Website Development

Novakov Tech

Another company I co-own that does freelance web development, digital design and pretty much anything that has to do with technology.

Novakov Tech

Ultimate web development guide for beginners.

A website designed for attracting people to my very first book that I published about web development.

Web Design Guide for Beginners

Dictionary Tool

A chrome extension I made for being able to define any word on the screen at any time.

Dictionary Tool


An AI that I created when trying to compete and replace the Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Maris Home Improvements

A website I created for a client when they asked me to increase their online presence.

Maris Home Improvements