My name is Leon Krugliakov and I love everything tech related. I am always learning and I always want to improve myself in every skill set that I posses. I am 19 years old but in this page you will be able to see all the skills that I have aquired in the past several years. If you want to see all the actual projects I worked on check out my resume page.

Why I do it

I am a firm believer that technology is the best way of moving humanity forward. Any advancements in technology have always pioneered a new era of great thinkers throughout human history. We started the 20th century not knowing how to fly and by the end of it we had the internet, moon landings and nukes. Imagine what we can have by the end of the 21st century. Imagine where humanity is going to be in 1000 years. All those advancements will consist of using the scientific method to achieve breakthroughs in technology.

My Vision

The reason I got into the tech fiend was because of a saying that one of my teachers had hung above his white board in class saying "what is possible already happened, what is impossible will happen." That saying motivated me to gream that we are going to achieve everything we can imagine as a society. Talaporting photons across space and time, getting 256 gigabit per second wifi using LEDs, mining asteroids, colonizing other planets and achieving sustainable nuclear fusion. And these are only the research topics that are being discovered in 2018. We have a whole century to implement all these concepts that are currently being in development.

What I Do:

Web Design

I develop beautiful minimalistic websites.

Digital Design

I design professional custom pictures.

App Development

I create enterprise level apps.

Search Engine Optimization

I optimize sites for best traffic generation preformance.

Social Media Marketing

I bring recognition to brands through social media.

Custom PC Building

I build powerful computers that fit any need.