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My name is Leon Krugliakov and I am a web developer. I am based in Saint Louis right now but I was born and raised in Israel which is where I found the love for computer science and design. Ever since I created my first "Hello World" program I was enchanted with the magic of software development. Nothing interests me more than how technology works. There is something special about the correct arrangement of transistors in a machine that outputs the result that I want that makes me feel complete in life. I was 9 at the time I began learning programming and I never stopped. Over time I learned how to develop websites, apps, desktop applications and more. In this page I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and what I do with my time.


My Story

As I already mentioned I was born and raised in Israel but what I did not mention was that my parents were born in Russia and therefore I can also speak Russian. In fact, Russian was my first language and I did not know any Hebrew until I was 5 years old which was when I was sent to school knowing only 3 words (Yes, No and Bathroom). After a year of attending school I knew Hebrew relatively well but learning it was very difficult for me, at first I would write the letters backward and my parents thought that I had some kind of mental issue or a learning disability. At around 9 years old I decided to create a website and I found this magic called HTML, so I looked at tutorials online and slowly but surely learned that too. When I was 13 years old my mother and I moved to the United States. This meant learning yet another language for me. The only difference is that I knew a little bit of English from music and TV I was exposed to in Israel. In a couple of months, I had close to no accent and everything from there on out was easy. So as you can tell I have a natural aptitude for learning languages (mostly due to life experiences). I used this skill to learn more and more programming languages like Java, PHP, and MySQL. Then I turned my attention to design when I took a couple digital design, photography, drawing and even interior design classes. And more recently I turned my attention to teaching others the secrets of the web by publishing ebooks for Amazon Kindle.

LeonK Bio banner picture

Check out my resume

Take a look at my projects and what I've done! This list includes browser extensions, websites and more.

What I Do

LeonK Bio banner picture
As I mentioned before I like computer science, and I know these programming languages:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Java
  • PHP
  • MySQL
And I use this knowledge to help other businesses or individuals spread their word online. I do freelance web development and online marketing.
I do not want to call myself a freelancer but more of a consultant that can walk into a business and suggest the best strategy for them to achieve what they want. For example, I will suggest a website for a charity that has a bright color scheme to address positivity on their website and I might even suggest a logo change if necessary.