Web Development

I know a lot of different programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and many others. I am constantly learning and expanding my knowledge base when it comes to web development. This is truely a passion of mine and I hope to be able to do this as a career one day. The most exciting part for me of web developing is seeing my vision turn from an idea to reality on the web for other people to have the ability to view and comment on it.

Web Design
Digital Design

Digital Design

Ever since I started messing around with web development I also began playing with Photoshop. After a while, I got good at both. Now I make all the logos, pictures, illustrations and cover art for all my projects. Again, I absolutely love the idea that my vision can turn into a tangible concept for other people to view and enjoy. My illustrations are a direct representation of my artistic side that, unlike my websites, are less interactive but still wonderful.

Book publishing

One of my clear passions is also publishing books. I keep improving my writing skills as well as my marketing skills in order to put together better and more eloquent content for my readers to enjoy. Most recently I published a Kindle book on Amazon titled "Introduction to web scripting: JavaScript" where I teach the front end scripting language to an absolute beginner (even though HTML and CSS knowledge is required, I have a book for that too).

Books Publishing
Business Management

Business Ventures

I always knew that my heart lied with business and entrepreneurship. Ever since I started my first company (Novakov Tech) with a few friends, I understood that my true calling was the making of passive income off of projects that I worked on. I am always working on numerous projects at the same time and I try to network with the right people to bring those projects to fruition.